Las Vegas in the snow

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How does global warming? Finally may be. It snowed in Las Vegas (yes town built on a desert). Have been measured up to 10 cm of snow on the city. Depending on weather, we had not seen it for almost 30 years.

Here are some great pictures.

lv1 450x310 Las Vegas sous la neige

lv2 450x310 Las Vegas sous la neige

lv3 450x310 Las Vegas sous la neige

lv4 450x311 Las Vegas sous la neige

lv7 Las Vegas sous la neige

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9 Reactions

  • Presko

    gonna be can give an idea of ​​a new casino theme? According to the New York New York, Paris Paris, the Venetian, here we have Alaska? or Greenland? :)

  • http://www.damdamsworld.com/ Damdam

    This is awesome!

  • Mystria

    Do it prevents needed to be grandiose : O

  • Nicole

    I want to know the exact dates when it snowed in Las Vegas.
    Thank you in advance

  • laura

    it snowed on Monday 15 and Wednesday, December 17. 15 it was a little bit but 17 it was huge I had never seen it!

  • http://www.buena-onda.fr qyrool

    Whaoo it's great!
    Finally it is a little less for the state of our climate : (

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