C’est la première fois que je vois cela. L’équipementier Nike vient de présenter ses Nike MaxSight, une gamme de lentilles développées en partenariat avec Bausch & Lomb (Rayban). Ces lentilles protègent non seulement des rayons de soleil , mais améliorent la vision en éliminant les reflets et améliorent le contraste. Il existe une version Grey-Green pour les sports en extérieur sous le soleil (golf, running, …) et une version Amber pour les sports avec une balle en movement rapide (Foot, tennis, baseball…)

Ces petites merveilles sont commercialisées au prix de $60

Nike‘s patented Nike MaxSight Light Architectureâ„¢ selectively alters specific wavelengths of light within the visual spectrum to enhance key elements in sport. The athlete gets crisp, clear vision without anything getting in their way. By removing most of the blue light, contrast and clarity are enhanced — a decided advantage for any competitor. For sports not conducive to eyewear, such as golf, tennis and soccer, athletes will see marked improvement, even on days where the sun‘s not at its brightest.

Nike MaxSight provides through-and-through tinting (unlike cosmetically tinted lenses), so there‘s no bending or scattering of light. Plus there‘s limited incidental light or peripheral flickering creeping around the sides, as with sunglasses. Athletes tested in Nike MaxSight lenses found they squinted less, were able to relax more, and had exceptional views of contours and movement.

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