Amateur de design scandinave levez-vous! Le mythique Bang & Olufsen vient d’annoncer un partenariat avec le coréen Samsung pour sortir une téléphone mobile avec le design typique de B&O. Wow! J’attend de voir cela avec impatience!

Le concurrent du Nokia 8800 est tout trouvé…

« The phones will have basic communications features and little in the way of high-tech extras, Bang & Olufsen’s CEO told Reuters, adding that they will target the high end of the market in terms of price and quality. « We are starting out with one model but may come out with more later, » B&O Chief Executive Torben Ballegaard Sorensen said, adding the phone would be aimed at people over the age of 25. « This will be super simple. We believe that many people feel overwhelmed by the options phones contain. We will attempt to produce something that…will suit our core clients. They don’t use phones as a game station. We are emphasizing what the phone is meant for, which is talking. »

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